Meet Our Trusted Drivers

They will take special care of your car and take it to the shop for you!


Don is an avid road motorcyclist! He has had the pleasure in riding his Yamaha Cruiser all the way to South Dakota and loves long rides on the open road. Outside of work Don is a passionate FAA licensed drone operator and remote pilot and flies blimps at local sports games, hello Don!


Originally from the Wisconsin area, Ted has made it to the sunny So Cal city for the great weather and lifestyle. Being Midwest at heart, Ted still loves to snowski and always finds himself outdoors or out in the water soaking in the California rays. He considers himself “techy” and loves social networking. Meet Ted!


Born and raised in California and Hawaii, Joseph loves the beach cities. Joseph is an auto enthusiast, loves car shows, and has spent much of his life building muscle cars. Joseph is one of our select drivers who loves, lives, and breathes ‘car guy’.


Meet Leonard! One of our trusted drivers. When he’s not driving your car to the shop, Leonard loves kayaking and playing the guitar in a band at parties and local spots. You are also very likely to meet him at our local street events.


Mike is not only moving cars, but also creating movies in his spare time. He also likes to play chess and is a coffee expert, always making sure the team is well caffeinated. At our events Mike is always up for a nice conversation.


Say hi to Veronica! Our first female driver. When she is not picking up your vehicle, she is an artist and designer doing paintings and beautiful accessories for women. Veronica likes to hang out with friends and family.